What makes NaturalFront unique?


Why on the earth do we need yet another 3D app?

The short answer:

If your business needs to create 3D-character-animation, you need to know the current status quo, especially that of most 3D-face-animation-software, is far from being perfect and even from being right.

The long answer:

Ask yourself this question -

Does your own face rely on

  • rigging for generating expressions and mouth-shapes?
  • a ton of pre-built targets from which to move?

You would be glad your own face doesn't. Then why should your created 3D-faces be treated as second-class beings, by placing all these burdens on them, and you - their creator?!

Currently, the most widely used techniques in 3D character animation are 3D rigging and morphing (or blending key-shapes). However, these techniques are very inefficient and difficult when used in 3D face animation.

If you still have any doubt, please check our knowledge base and this blog post.

The fundamental reason is that, for the challenging task like 3D face animation, we lack an effective approach in the core of 3D modeling and animation. Rigging and morphing have their places in 3D industry, but they are not the right solution to this challenge.

Meanwhile the other 3D-face-animation-software focuses on motion capture and tracking which is far from the core challenge of 3D modeling and animation.

NaturalFront is not against motion capture and tracking. However, we believe the overall way that mocap is currently used in 3D face animation is not coherent and efficient, simply because software from other providers still predominantly use 3D rigging or morphing behind the scenes. You might say “wait a minute, I can use auto-rig and don’t need to worry about the face rigging”. However, the cost can’t be avoided and will be unnecessarily high because of the inefficiency and incoherence, no matter how much auto-rigging looks different on the surface. You don’t need an economist to tell you that the unreasonable cost will eventually fall on you - the user.

Therefore, motion capture and tracking is great but the overall way it is currently used in the 3D face animation is not. Imagine you just created a state-of-the-art robot, but your boss asked you to take the robot to South-East Asia, to drive a water buffalo, splashing about in a muddy rice field.

Now, do you believe we badly need another application to address the core challenge of 3D face animation?


Unique technology

Albert Einstein said

Things should be made as simple as possible…

That is exactly what we do. NaturalFront strives to make one of the most challenging tasks in 3D industry as simpler as possible, perhaps simpler than you might imagine.

NaturalFront’s software is based on revolutionary 3D technology. The technology utilizes a technological principle that has never been commercially explored previously.

The technology enables us to work in the core of 3D modeling and animation in an unprecedentedly effective way. By attacking the most basic level from an unprecedented angel, the technology sets us apart from other companies that focus on motion capture and tracking algorithms but otherwise rely heavily on traditional modeling and animation techniques.


Unique Intellectual Property (IP) position

The unique 3D algorithms are protected by patent portfolio including patent-grants by The United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

As stated in the patent spec, “the present invention represents a new paradigm in (3D) simulation and animation and is dramatically different from the traditional (3D) parameterization methods”.

NaturalFront has acquired the exclusive rights world-wide to commercially explore the revolutionary 3D technology.

As a result, NaturalFront software is able to offer the unique 1-Click Animation ™, that is available at NaturalFront Unity plugin.


Unique benefits to you

Therefore, NaturalFront not only enables businesses to create good 3D character animation substantially quicker at a much lower cost, but also is able to improve the software at a much faster pace, and also at a lower cost, than other providers stick to traditional 3D modeling and animation.

By using NaturalFront’s technology, you not only get your 3D animation business a giant step ahead of competition, but also start a revolutionary journey.

Someone said "we can't no longer have Christopher Columbus since there is no more New World to find". Do you agree?

Congratulation, you have just seen the tip of a new continent above the ocean of me-too solutions!