How would you compare NaturalFront software with other 3D face animation software such as Mixamo, Face shift, Faceware, or the likes?

There are fundamental differences between NaturalFront software and currently predominant software focusing on motion capture and tracking. Please make sure to read this analysis.



Can you use NaturalFront software with a 360 degree scanner?

The current version of NaturalFront software only uses photos for modeling and doesn’t support scan files.
However, the core strength of NaturalFront’s technology is at animation, and the animation technology can certainly work with 3D models generated from any methods. Thus we expect to include scan files as a modeling source in future releases.


How to use NaturalFront software

I clicked “Animate” button, but the 3D face was not animated.

After setting each pose to your preference, please click “Save Key” button, so the software will know you are done setting the pose.

I clicked “Animate” button, but the animation and/or audio seem delayed or not taking place.

The best solution is to use another computer with better performance. Usually to see real-time animation and audio in NaturalFront software, a computer with at least quad-core-processor running more than 3GHz is needed, and 64-bit is preferable.



Is the conversion of the face photos into the 3d model and the posterior animation done in your servers or are calculated in my local computer?

The photo-to-3D modeling and the posterior animation will all be done in your local computer, after you download and install the NaturalFront software.

Will you create versions for Mac and Linux?

Yes, we plan to develop versions for Mac and Linux.