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Live-captured tutorials

Every 3D animation demo you see here has been created using nothing but our software - it's all algorithm automated, and as you'll see, possibilities are endless .

Complete version of Unity Plugin

Want to create great 3D-face-animation but short on time, budget or training, no worries! This software can get what you want in minutes or seconds!

Free version of Unity Plugin

Go ahead to see for yourself how much time and money you could substantially save by using this innovative software.


Photo-to-3D demos

How to: Photo-to-3D Modeling

This video shows how to create a realistic 3D model from one or more photos.

What NOT to do in photo-to-3D Modeling

It is EXTREMELY important that you get the spots right!


Benefits to your business


Do you want to enter and grow in the business of 3D character animation?

You don’t need to spend years to master the skills, and to spend days or weeks to model and animate one 3D face. Since the software can get what you want in a few minutes or seconds!

Paradigm shift in 3D character animation that will take you far far ahead

Want to boost your productivity & profits in 3D character animation? You certainly can by becoming an early adopter of something big.