Who Are We?


As an ambitious new technology company, NaturalFront is changing the game for animation businesses, especially for the time being, the business for small-to-medium studios and indie developers with our current releases.

By applying our patented technology to the way realistic 3D facial animation is created, our unique approach allows animators, business owners and creative directors to drastically cut production time, yet obtain the quality of 3D facial animation, at a small fraction of the cost.

NaturalFront’s Technology is Genuinely Unique

  • Lightning-Fast Animation without the need for rigging, blend-shapes, or key-framing;
  • Standalone Technology that doesn’t rely on motion capture or tracking (although if you want to use these, you will in our future releases);
  • Built With a Revolutionary 3D Algorithm that’s exclusive to NaturalFront and has never been used before.

NaturalFront’s Mission: Empower Creativity

We know that creative professionals are passionate about their work. And we want to fuel that passion by cutting out the bits that drain creativity – namely high prices and drawn-out timescales.

That’s why we are on a mission to deliver technology that allows the same high-quality results as traditional 3D facial animation techniques, without any of the budget-busting prices or time-consuming processes.

By doing this, we’re empowering real creativity for animators, freelancer, business owners and creative directors across the board.

Great Technology? You Decide:

Don’t believe you can get the same results in much less than half the time, AND for much less than half the cost? Check out our demo reel!

Think you could take our idea to a whole new level? Get in touch – we’d love to hear!