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For now though, enjoy making your job super simple and quick, and remember to check back in once you've given it a go.

We currently focus on creating Plugins for Unity3D.

With NaturalFront 3D Facial Animation Plugin for Unity, you can very easily get realistic, custom-built 3D heads, as many as you want, and their high-quality animation can be set up in minutes or seconds, all within Unity.

You can instantly get the expressions and mouth-shapes you want, and even blend them together, all by a few simple mouse-clicks, without any need for rigging, morphing, key-framing or motion capture. It is so intuitive and simple that it is no more difficult than getting your own face to generate expressions and talk.

Versions of NaturalFront 3D Face Animation Unity plugin:

Note: Compared to the Complete-version, automatic animation, and synchronization of animation and audio are absent in the Free-version.